Haiti #5 – More Videos and Photos from Rose Mina

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Haiti Missions, Journeys, YOLO
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The kids of Rose Mina have very little excitement or activity of any kind to look forward to. So when we wanted to hire  of them to clean the debris of the roof that provided the major play area for the kids, I got a great response. Several of the kids worked hard; I put my buddy Basleigh in charge. He lost a leg he said when “someone set a powder” or voodoo trap for him and the “doctors” had to cut his leg off.

Payday for the kids. I wanted to hire 5 of them for $2 each. I ended up paying 17 of them. They were pretty excited and I relied on Basleigh to tell me who worked the most.

We tried to get some of the kids out of this hell hole, but Mrs. Fernandez refused. This missionary is still trying to get the boy she is holding, Jo-El, out of this dump so he can be adopted. Many Haitian kids are held captive by their adult caretakers who convince well-meaning Americans and Europeans to donate money, thinking that they are helping the kids.

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